In life, there comes times when we are asked to be creative. It can vary from a literal art project, a battle strategy or even making a decision on what you are going to eat. A lot of people like to say that they are not creative. That they lack the skill or can’t make those kinds of imagery. In truth, creativity is not something you can either have or not have. It’s in one’s DNA. That’s right, basic genetics! When you wake up in the morning and put on a shirt, you are making the creative choice to match that shirt with any other attire you choose to wear. Creativity is in choice. In movement. In the way we communicate to one another and when we choose not to. Creativity connects to Art and Art connects to Expression. When we are making choice on how to live life, we are being creative in our own design. So here’s the cheesy part of it… Creativity is Life! Be yourself; create yourself.

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