Here’s a Question

I’ve tired to branch out on the ranges of topic I blog about these days. Is that something you guys like? Should I stick to only one type of topic?


…“W-What was that?!” Crystal shouted after dispelling the nauseous feeling within her. Her chocolate eyes hardened when they met with both Oliver’s green and Art’s grey. “What do you think you’re still doing here?! Go catch the son of a bitch!” she ordered as she shoved the rookie towards the door. Uncertain of what else to do, Arthur nodded before rushing through the broken window and down the street. The car was still within sight firing at other buildings. Pulling his issued gun out of its holster, Art aimed while making his way over. Squeezing the trigger, he managed to hit the yellow jump suited man in the hand. As the man fell off the van, it sped off down the narrow streets.
“Damn it!” he could hear the man shout as the brunette neared him. Catching sight of black running past him, Art looked up to see Oliver suddenly far ahead of him. The blond dropkicked the assailant before knocking him to the ground.
“Whom do you work for?!” Oliver shouted before smashing the butt of his gun against the man’s head. Choking on loose teeth, the man spat before laughing. Angered by this Oliver battered him again and again. “Whom do you work for?!” As he neared, Art noticed there was more blood on the ground then he previously thought.
“Oliver! Stop!” he shouted as he tried to pry the yellow cloth out of the other’s arms. The man fell back in labored breaths; a grin still plastered on his face…

Here’s a little excerpt from one of my short stories that I’ve published on Patreon. Can’t upload the full thing here since it’s a little too long. Check it out if you’d like.

Day Born

Once upon a time, the world was in darkness. Within that darkness were creatures. These creatures had different sorts of abilities. The most common was to see in the dark. One day a foolish deity allowed his older brother to trick him into believing that these creatures were suffering and scared in the dark. He thought long and hard until he came up with an idea. He created a wide blanket of fire to light up the darkness. He hung it up in the sky when most of the creatures were awake. The light was so bright and very harsh on these poor creatures’ eyes. Especially the ones with the power to see in the dark.


Blinded and in pain, the creatures ran from the world they had loved and hid deep within the ground. When the ones that had stayed woke up, they blinked their eyes several times in wonder. What was this strange new world? It felt and smelled like home, but it didn’t look the same. One little girl called out for her mother, unknowing that the woman had to flee from the intense pain. Abandoned by their friends and families, the remaining creatures were filled with sorrow while the ones that fled were full of rage and hate. Why did they have to suffer by this new light?


Realizing his mistake, the deity thought long and hard on how to remedy this tragedy. He didn’t know how to pull off the blanket that had been glued tightly to the sky. Seeing his pain, his little sister wove a blanket of her own. Attaching it to the ends of his blanket, she hung a cloth of night. Instead of perpetual darkness, however, she added millions of dots of light within its silk. Watching as the blanket rotated with the sky, the two siblings smiled as the families were reunited.

A Night In Mystic Forest

While walking down the dirt path, I saw endless rows of dark green bushes and tall oak trees. The clear sky had turned cloudy and dark as night came forth. I should have listened to my grandmother’s warnings about the forest, but it’s too late now; I’m lost. I just wanted to find my dog, Jay.

“Hello, little boy… What are you doing here?” a smooth and cold voice spoke from above me. I looked up to see another boy in a tree with piercing red eyes, bright, blond hair and a sharp, pointed tooth sticking out of the side of his lips. He jumped down and gazed deeply into my light brown orbs.

“Ano… I was just looking for my dog.” I reply as he runs his fingers through my messy, brown hair. The way his eyes scan me sends an uncomfortable chill up my spine.

“You are a human, correct?” he questions suddenly as a toothy grin forms on his features. What a weird question to ask; of course I was human. Wasn’t he one too? I answer his question honestly, gaining a menacing laughter emitting from him.
“This is great! I was looking for a delicious looking meal!” he exclaims before he bites my neck, so suddenly, with those sharp, long front teeth of his. I fall into a paralyzing state of shock as I realize what has happened. He was drinking my blood, my god given life force, thus debilitating me completely. I never had believed the stories the elders would tell, yet they were true. Vampires really did exist! It’s too bad that I wont be able to confirm it to others. If only I hadn’t gotten caught like this. As I fall into an eternal darkness, I notice something that I should have before. The older boy was wearing a blue dog collar with a tag on it. A tag that read, “Jay”.

The Pearl

On the soft sand of the calm beach, where the twilight shines perfect enough, two teens met everyday. They loved each other deeply, yet two people were trying to tear them away. The first was the girl’s father, whom didn’t want her in any kind of relationship. The second was a jealous friend whom wanted the girl for herself.
One day, the boy wanted to prove his love to her. He swam in the ocean and looked for a certain oyster on the reef. When he found one with a beautiful, soft lavender pearl inside, he jumped for joy. He ran to the local jeweler and had it placed in a ring.
The next day, he waited for his lover on the quite shore, the ring hidden in his pocket. Hours passed by, yet she never came. Sad and worried-some, the boy went home.
In the morning, he found out that the love of his life died, murdered by the very friend whom cared for her. Grief stricken, he decided to meet up with his love in death, by drowning in the very beach that they met. The ring was buried on the decaying fingers of Grace.

My Friend

                On the fields of corn, under the dull full moon hidden behind the clouds, was a small boy around the age of three. He had dark brown hair and light hazel eyes that held a sense of innocence. He wandered around the tall stalks playing a game of hide and seek, until he came across a pair of teens. The oldest was a boy with golden blonde hair; the other was a girl with baby blue hues. They kissed and hugged unknowing of the young lad. He watched in awe as they continued their actions.
“Why are you trying to eat her face off?” his innocent, small voice asked, catching the eye of the man. The suspended kiss made the girl pout as she sat up. She waved the little boy over, and he came quickly, his shoes lightly touching the grass.
“He is not trying to eat me.” She answered with a small giggle, “He was just showing his love for me.” The young boy just gazed at her, not really understanding what she meant, but shrugged it off quickly. The teen boy looked at his girlfriend with passion in his eyes; she stared right back with a smile. When he opened his mouth to say something, a ghoulish roar sounded from somewhere within the field. The teens stared in horror toward the area. The young man felt his courage possess him as he ran to the spot, yelling back for the girl to stay put. She obeyed and held the little boy close to her, hoping for this to be a prank. Hearkening the surrounding, she pulled out some treats to distract the little boy from the situation.
The young boy looked around for a clue, but all he saw was the endless rows of corn. “The outhouses are the only thing near by, but tat sound came from here. Where and what is it?” he asked himself as the silence derision him even ore. He knew the concealment of this thing couldn’t last forever. Just when he was about to give up and go back, he felt something punch him hard in the face. He quickly looked around but saw no one there. Who hade the audacity to punch him then run away? “Who was the coward?”, he asked himself. He was as mad as a bull, until he heard his beloved scream. “Nancy!” he called as he ran back down the path he thought he came from. Tears of rage filled his eyes as he ran as fast as he could in the direction of Nancy’s vexed and desecrate screams of pain. The only problem was they came from all around him. He grabbed his head in frustration, trying to bock out all the sounds. He wished over and over that this once perfect – turned terrible night was no more that a bad dream. “Nancy, where are you?” he cried as he fell to his knees.
Suddenly, her screams ceased, giving the distinctness of her death, but not before she yelled, “Johnny!” He ran faster than ever before, down the final path.
“Nancy, please be ok!” Please be alive! Please don’t die!” he begged in his mind. He was in such a hurry that he didn’t watch where he stepped, sending him to trip into the hard, cold, and damp, sticky ground. Getting up to his knees, he stared in horror at the dark red liquid spread all over the palms of his hands. Too afraid to look ahead, he turned his head to see what he tripped over. It was the small, left arm of the girl he held hands with. The deep purple gem stone ring on her finger shined with the red spots in the moonlight. With tear-stained eyes, he finally looked up at the “clearing” in front of him. Blood was splattered everywhere from the grass to the corn high about his head. Her disembodied corpse lay on the ground.
The worst of it all was the little boy, sitting in the middle of the mess, eating the candy that was given to him. Johnny just stared at the small kid in shock. “How could he just sit there, like nothing happened? Why didn’t he try to save her? How could he do nothing?” he thought. He ran as far as he could until he got to an exit of the cornfield, leaving the boy behind.
He found his truck and drove off into town where he headed to the police station. Once there, he yelled like a mad man about Nancy Heartmen’s gruesome death. He told them everything, from meeting the boy to finding her everywhere. They had their suspicions towards him, of course, the sheriff had him sent home and told him to relax, and that they would send a car up to the field to check things out; they did.
At three-thirty in the morning, Johnny snick out of his house, unsatisfied. He knew they suspected him. He knew the Heartmen’s would blame and hate him when they find out in the morning. He didn’t care; all he wanted was to kill the monster that took his bride from him. He pushed the truck off the curb and down the street very carefully, so he wouldn’t wake the neighborhood. When he was sure that no one would hear, he got inside and placed the keys in the ignition, thus turning it on. He drove down the five miles to the cornfield and parked it on the side of the road. Through the rear view mirror, he noticed a patrol car at the edge of the field. He opened the door, got out and walked over to the passengers’ side of the car. Inside he saw one body without its head and blood splattered on the windshield. He crept into the cornfield as silent as he could be, walked towards the middle. His stomach twisted, turned, and jumped as he saw the once fresh, now dry crime scene.
“Oh, Nancy… I’m so sorry that I couldn’t save you… I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you… I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise…” he closed his eyes in grief and stood there. Time seemed to go on forever, even though it was a minute or so.
“Be glad you weren’t there; you would have suffered, too!” a creepy clownish voice chuckled in front of him. His piercing hazel eyes opened to glare at nothing. He turned around thinking the voice might have moved behind him or something like that, but, once again, there only stood the corn stalks.
“Who said that?” he questioned loud enough for the next town to hear. The tone of his own voice startled him slightly. “Who’s there?” he yelled again.
“I’m here…” the spooky voice replied from everywhere this time. Johnny blindly swung his fist in front of himself, to hit someone, but this someone, he could not see. Terror filled his eyes as realization came to him. An invisible person murdered Nancy. He stood there for a while, his fist holding tightly to the invisible shirt. After what seemed like forever, he finally snapped out of his scared stat.
“You killed her, didn’t you? You killed Nancy! You killed her!” he screamed as he wildly started beating the transparent being. He continued until a green ichors splattered on his face, shirt and ground. He kept at it until he felt the life fade away, not to mention the body. He was finally force to stop when he felt nothing but air in his grasp.
“Why did you kill Coco?” a recognizable innocent voice asked from behind him. He turned around to see the little boy from earlier. “Why did you kill my best friend?” he asked again.
Johnny looked at him confused. This three year old was friend with a monster, how could that be? “Coco?” he asked.
“Coco is my imaginary friend, but that’s ok…. I got a new one…” he spoke the last part eerily with a wicked grin. “I don’t need him anymore… he always got in the way of me making new friends, anyways. Now, would you like to be my friend?” he spoke as he morphed into a gruesome creature, and tore Johnny apart entirely. Of course, he got two new “imaginary” friends, by the names of Nancy Heartmen and Johnny Carnes.

The Little Ghost

Once upon a time there was a little ghost.

The ghost was always trying to be helpful but got easily distracted and kept forgetting her past.

As she was floating between the walls of a hotel, one night, she came across a group of children.

Wanting to have some fun she materialized into the most possible solid form that she could become.

It was an easy trick, but she couldn’t let anyone touch her or else it would come undone.

The children were playing hide and seek in the lobby and she asked if she could be allowed to join.

She had countless fun with the kids and while she hid behind a couch, she decided to look around at the surrounding furniture.

Seeing an old grandfather clock in the corner she blinked in confusion.

She had a feeling this wasn’t the first time she’s seen one, but couldn’t find the memory of it.

As she stared at the clock, one of the children noticed her spacing out.

Wanting to pull a joke, he snuck up behind her with a bottle of ice cold water.

Uncapping it, he poured the bottle on top of her head.

Confused as to why the girl didn’t seem to have noticed, he reached out to shake her before falling flat on his face.

Thinking that the girl had fooled him into tripping, he looked up only to scream.

He was laying straight through her and she didn’t even respond until he ran away.

Realizing her carelessness, the little ghost quickly went invisible and watched as the boy ran to tell the other children.

None of the people believed him, to the girls relief, so she went into the nearest hiding place and turned back into her human form before coming out in public.

“Does this mean I win?” she asked with a giggle as the boy screamed.

Continuing with their fun, the girl couldn’t help, but to feel guilty about making the boy feel like a fool.

After it was time for the children to return to their separate hotel rooms, she disappeared.

Following the boy to his room, she saw that he was the youngest of five brothers, whom kept picking and teasing him.

As everyone went to bed she appeared in front of the boy, shushing him before he could freak out.

“I’m sorry about earlier.” she explained, “I just haven’t played with children in so long.”

The boy nodded in understanding, before asking if she was a real ghost.

Receiving a hard pillow to the head, the boy turned around to see his eldest brother growling at him to stay quiet and go to sleep.

Feeling annoyed the little ghost levitated a nearby trashcan and dumped it onto the teenager.

Offering to stay with the boy as long as he kept playing with her, she reached out her hand as agreement.

The boy accepted, feeling happy that he could help this little ghost while she waited for her turn to enter the afterlife.

The End.


Fire, magic and unexplained situations are several of the things that interests me. The inner battles within one self or the contrast between light and darkness are my favorite topics. If you want a life-changing event, give me a pen, paper and time. However, if you want it to be real, I guess this means it’s time to get out of my comfort zone.

In a land – relatively close by – a young child spent her time daydreaming. How the moon rotated in the sky; how life began; how thought began. Pretty philosophical for a little girl, but don’t all children go through that “Why” phase? One school day she found herself following a line to music class. She thought about how, if the world was as perfect as her parents had made it out to be, then everyone would be the same. If there were no illness, wickedness, and malevolent beings, then there would be no pain, no distrust, no corruption, no lies, etc. If
everyone grew up the same, wouldn’t they have the same thoughts as well?

If every child had the very same things she had and went through what she experienced then wouldn’t every thought wind up forming exactly the same at the exact same time. She shivered in a sense of dread. With widened eyes she glanced at all of the nearby children.

“Are they thinking this right now?” she questioned. “If they are then what makes me special? What makes me different?” With feelings of fear and confusion, she went through the day as if everything was normal. On autopilot she sang with
her class; ate lunch with her class; left gym with her class, all the while wondering what made her unique.

With a resolve to find herself and stick out from the crowd, the little girl thought less of the world as it was and began to search for one vastly different. “If there is over a thousand people on this planet, at least one of them has to have a strange ability or talent.”