What is in a title?

What is in a title?

It can imply one simple truth

But in reality after first viewing

There is more than one shade of hate revealed

Within the characters there is a type of hate that drives them

O.B., the innocent bystander 

Tired of getting the short end of the stick.

Sheriff Chris Mannix in his simple racism

Oswaldo Mobray, Joe Gage, Bob and Jody –

 Heartlessly marking down anyone in their perceived way.

General Sandy Smithers unable to hold back in face of a taunt.

John Ruth and his distrust of anyone for his greed.

Daisy Domergue in her cruel spews of death.

Major Marquis Warren and his cruel intolerance for bigotry

Which leads to the murder of the first actual character.

These outlaws can teach a simple truth:

There are many ways to hate.

In curses, in threats, in violence,

With a weapon, with a poison,

With a smiling face.


Sometimes I just want to quit… and I try to convince myself that it’s just a little bit of time left and it will all be over. It’s only a hill not a mountain and I can get through this. One foot in front of the other and I will soon be done. What if it’s not though? I want to hope I can manage, yet this abysmal feeling in my chest just screams back at me that it’s too much and I need to let something go before everything pulls me down all together. It’s just too much. It’s not worth doing it all at once. I need more time, more days in a week. Of course, that’s not possible and I should just give up. I don’t know if it is all the work or all the struggles or lack of time or if it’s just nothing at all but in my mind. Just a fear on repeat. Just an over processing imagination, but every hour seem more anxious than the last and nothing has let up just yet. I can convince myself to go for a few more miles, but it all catches up again. I just keep going in a loop… Sometimes I just want to quit… and I try to convince myself that it’s just a little bit of time left…