Louisiana has many cultural influences upon it from it’s long history of being occupied by Native American, French, Spanish, German, English, African and Italian settlements. These people have blended together to create two distinct but similar styles: Cajun and Creoles.

Cajun cooking has been described as country cooking and tends to have a robust and earthy taste. Such foods popular in Cajun cuisine include Gumbo, Chicken Maquechoux and Cajun Omelet. It is mostly based on food that is indigenous to the area and features mostly one-pot meals with a hefty variety of ingredients. The term Cajun applies to both a geographical area and the people who come from it. Cajun people are well known for their hospitality.

Creole cooking began in New Orleans and is considered the city food of Louisiana. It was created by sharing cooking styles and is more sophisticated and complex than Cajun cooking. The word Creole was first given to new arrivals from Europe who were generally wealthy and educated as well as bringing many European customs and traditions. Creole foods include the Muffuletta, Creole Jambalaya and Beignets.

There is many hunting to be made profitable in Louisiana setting from the early 1700s and 1800s. There is many opportunities to catch wild turkey, duck, partridge and quail as well as fishing for catfish. Coming from both freshwaters and pond raised this species of fish is very abundant.




In Hawaii, there is a chain of 132 islands that extend for more than 1500 miles. Out of these many islands, there are eight main island called: Hawaii; Maui; Oahu; Kauai; Molokai; Lanai; Nihau; and Kahoolawe. Inhabiting these islands are the native Polynesian people whom came from early on as well as people from Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese ancestry and those from the United States after becoming one with the Union.

During the early 1700s, the Hawaiian Islands were ruled by four chiefs until the late 1780s when Kamehameha I became the sole ruler and united all islands. With this Hawaii became a Kingdom that had established trade with other counties and prospered as it grew. It was until 1893 when Queen Liliuokalani was removed from the throne by U.S. and European landowners that the monarchy ended.

Early Polynesian natives brought in foods such as taro, breadfruit, coconuts, sweet potatoes, sugarcane pineapples and bananas to the islands. They also introduced small pigs that grew very widely along the islands. It is with these ingredients that Hawaii food became distinct. Pork, pineapples and bananas can be incorporated into any cuisine and are used in abundance in traditional meals such as Grilled Ono with Pinapple Chutney and Saimin with Teriaki Meat Sticks. Other popular dishes come from the local fishing industry that catching a vast majority of wild fish to make meals including: Deep Fried Calamari Salad, Ahi Tuna, and Caramelized Salmon.



The Pearl

On the soft sand of the calm beach, where the twilight shines perfect enough, two teens met everyday. They loved each other deeply, yet two people were trying to tear them away. The first was the girl’s father, whom didn’t want her in any kind of relationship. The second was a jealous friend whom wanted the girl for herself.
One day, the boy wanted to prove his love to her. He swam in the ocean and looked for a certain oyster on the reef. When he found one with a beautiful, soft lavender pearl inside, he jumped for joy. He ran to the local jeweler and had it placed in a ring.
The next day, he waited for his lover on the quite shore, the ring hidden in his pocket. Hours passed by, yet she never came. Sad and worried-some, the boy went home.
In the morning, he found out that the love of his life died, murdered by the very friend whom cared for her. Grief stricken, he decided to meet up with his love in death, by drowning in the very beach that they met. The ring was buried on the decaying fingers of Grace.




Sometimes I just want to quit… and I try to convince myself that it’s just a little bit of time left and it will all be over. It’s only a hill not a mountain and I can get through this. One foot in front of the other and I will soon be done. What if it’s not though? I want to hope I can manage, yet this abysmal feeling in my chest just screams back at me that it’s too much and I need to let something go before everything pulls me down all together. It’s just too much. It’s not worth doing it all at once. I need more time, more days in a week. Of course, that’s not possible and I should just give up. I don’t know if it is all the work or all the struggles or lack of time or if it’s just nothing at all but in my mind. Just a fear on repeat. Just an over processing imagination, but every hour seem more anxious than the last and nothing has let up just yet. I can convince myself to go for a few more miles, but it all catches up again. I just keep going in a loop… Sometimes I just want to quit… and I try to convince myself that it’s just a little bit of time left…




Fire, magic and unexplained situations are several of the things that interests me. The inner battles within one self or the contrast between light and darkness are my favorite topics. If you want a life-changing event, give me a pen, paper and time. However, if you want it to be real, I guess this means it’s time to get out of my comfort zone.

In a land – relatively close by – a young child spent her time daydreaming. How the moon rotated in the sky; how life began; how thought began. Pretty philosophical for a little girl, but don’t all children go through that “Why” phase? One school day she found herself following a line to music class. She thought about how, if the world was as perfect as her parents had made it out to be, then everyone would be the same. If there were no illness, wickedness, and malevolent beings, then there would be no pain, no distrust, no corruption, no lies, etc. If
everyone grew up the same, wouldn’t they have the same thoughts as well?

If every child had the very same things she had and went through what she experienced then wouldn’t every thought wind up forming exactly the same at the exact same time. She shivered in a sense of dread. With widened eyes she glanced at all of the nearby children.

“Are they thinking this right now?” she questioned. “If they are then what makes me special? What makes me different?” With feelings of fear and confusion, she went through the day as if everything was normal. On autopilot she sang with
her class; ate lunch with her class; left gym with her class, all the while wondering what made her unique.

With a resolve to find herself and stick out from the crowd, the little girl thought less of the world as it was and began to search for one vastly different. “If there is over a thousand people on this planet, at least one of them has to have a strange ability or talent.”

Attack on Journalism

Ever since Congress has made it legal for the News to “inform” on stories with little to no facts, I no longer trust a single word that is said on television or newspapers. Its been months and yet no one has said anything about it which makes me think the nation is taking things at face-value and choose to believe everything that is told to them instead of questioning and researching to see if anything is true anymore. I don’t know what the future holds for American Society, but from the little fact that any broadcast could be made to say “Everything is the poor’s fault.” with no proof from Economist, Mathematicians, Historians and people who’ve worked for their credibility but from someone who says it, is just plain wrong. This just says the We The People have grown to dim to take a stand for themselves and are eager to be lead by any agenda. I hate politics so much, but if the government is going to allow other medium’s I cherish (Real Journalism in this case) than I’m not going to accept nor allow it.