Fire, magic and unexplained situations are several of the things that interests me. The inner battles within one self or the contrast between light and darkness are my favorite topics. If you want a life-changing event, give me a pen, paper and time. However, if you want it to be real, I guess this means it’s time to get out of my comfort zone.

In a land – relatively close by – a young child spent her time daydreaming. How the moon rotated in the sky; how life began; how thought began. Pretty philosophical for a little girl, but don’t all children go through that “Why” phase? One school day she found herself following a line to music class. She thought about how, if the world was as perfect as her parents had made it out to be, then everyone would be the same. If there were no illness, wickedness, and malevolent beings, then there would be no pain, no distrust, no corruption, no lies, etc. If
everyone grew up the same, wouldn’t they have the same thoughts as well?

If every child had the very same things she had and went through what she experienced then wouldn’t every thought wind up forming exactly the same at the exact same time. She shivered in a sense of dread. With widened eyes she glanced at all of the nearby children.

“Are they thinking this right now?” she questioned. “If they are then what makes me special? What makes me different?” With feelings of fear and confusion, she went through the day as if everything was normal. On autopilot she sang with
her class; ate lunch with her class; left gym with her class, all the while wondering what made her unique.

With a resolve to find herself and stick out from the crowd, the little girl thought less of the world as it was and began to search for one vastly different. “If there is over a thousand people on this planet, at least one of them has to have a strange ability or talent.”