Here are some assignments I’ve been handling this semester:

Literary Journal Review:

“According to their website, Embark would describe themselves as “a literary journal designed for novelists and featuring exclusively novel beginnings — those crucial first pages that must engage the reader’s attention and often receive more polishing than any other part of the book.” Embark specializes in publishing an online literary journal that highlights the first chapter to 10 books. The variety and genres of the chapters differ greatly, as they do not discriminate against any style. “We believe that crafting a novel’s opening is an art in itself, and that reading beginnings can be both inspiring and delightful.” …”

Blog 1:

“NYC Midnight is a Newsletter that specializes in annual writing competitions…”

Blog 2:

“Diversion Books is an independent publisher from New York City…”

Chapter 1:

“The way technology has advanced has changed the playing field for many fields. This is an undisputed truth. The advancement of writing on the internet has done many marvels such as: making publication far easier to reach; bringing audience and author closer together for both feedback and resolve; spreading a message to a much wider audience; easier access to editing software and tools; etc…”

Chapter 2:

“There seems to be a cold reality and harsh truth in the second chapter that clearly points out the difficulties of living off of publications. Making the book is the just first part of the process and not the clear way to profit. A lot of novice and first time authors might not know the difficult task beyond publishing. They could be facing hopeless avenues and aspirations. There are many ways to navigate the marketing world and if not careful, one can get overwhelmed…”

Chocolate Truffles:

“During the month of my birthday, I would notice a few aisles open up in shades of red, pink and white. Aisles dedicated for holidays, for seasons, for events. This month they were stuffed with plush toys that ranged from sizes fitting in my pocket to large than I was a full height. During the weeks leading up to my day, I would branch off from my family as we were shopping to wander down these aisles, admiring the assortments of gifts and cards. I would wonder what would be best to give to each member of my family. Of my friends. Of my classmates. Of these items, there was always one thing that I wanted only for myself…”

Cooking Dreams:

“Cooking is a passion that I have always had brewing in the background of my life, but it was never a driving factor for a career. I’ve always had a fascination with food. Not to eat it, but to prepare it. One of the first things I learned how to cook was eggs. They were supposed to be scrambled, but after a few times of burning, I tended to leave them slightly undercooked. The yellow glistening in the light giving off a look that I have only seen replicated in animated versions of eggs. Being a kid, I didn’t want to admit they were undercooked and just called them “fancy eggs” because of how they shined. This is one of the few instances that my dad will never let me forget. That and “pickle salad” which had more pickle slices than lettuce. No matter the teasing, I always wanted to learn how to cook. How to make my own recipes, and such, but it wasn’t a big deal yet…”

Writing Exercise:

1.Two creatures searching for their respective families.

2.The Boy who is generous and wants to find berries for his sister. The Wolf who is understanding and wants to find his way home.

3.In a time where communication is possible between all creatures on Earth…”


““Bah Humbug” on his Christmas Hat.
A black that shines in the pale light.
A hat that only fit him just once.
Now it needs tape to stay up right…”


“Obtaining the old, iron ladder from outside the house, one must be quiet to sneak it back in. I can only reach my sanctum with this key. Opening the wooden door to my room, I flinch at the sharp creek made by the plywood…”


“Sometimes I just want to quit…..”

Story of a Blue:

“What a lovely tune.

Of the winds breeze…

Of the waters currents…

Of the redwood trees…”


“Fire, magic and unexplained situations are several of the things that interests me. The inner battles within one self or the contrast between light and darkness are my favorite topics. If you want a life-changing event, give me a pen, paper and time. However, if you want it to be real, I guess this means it’s time to get out of my comfort zone…”