“Sometimes I just want to quit…”

Story Of A Blue:

“What a lovely tune.
Of the winds breeze…
Of the waters currents…
Of the redwood trees…”

Prayer For The Mute:

“I’m sorry I’m not perfect.
I’m sorry I can’t give you everything.
I’m sorry I can’t be there all of the time.
But most of all, I’m sorry I ever
Tried anything for you…”


“As I walk down the hallway,
I notice there is many things to see.
If I look into the eyes of others
I will see what they wish no one else to see…”


“Hanging loosely on the wall.
Every day there for all.
Walk up to it for a peak.
Shining back, pale and meek…”


“My heart is the –
Weeping river –
Traveling through rapids…”

My Path: Unseen:

“Sunshine and daises.
I will never see again.
Total dark for me…”

Thoughts Of The Bored:


Human Beings:

“Nothing is perfect.
Nothing is great.
Nothing is real.
We are just animals…”


“Time is now.
Time is then.
Time is eternal.
Time is gone…”

Two Halves To Join Again:

“You loved him.
So did I.
You cared for him.
So do I…”

A Question To A Flower:

“My beloved flower…
Why does your heart race?
So fast within my body.
That was once yours…”

Isis White:

“Cherry red.
Semi – sweet.
No dread.
Very neat…”

Tosha De Marco:

“So young,
So full of life
It’s just begun.
No room for strife…”

Levithian von Reiniger:

Is that what you Are?
A man of respect?
A man of power?
I can’t remember…”


“My friends are important to me…”


“The moaning grey wolf…”


“There once was a lad named Jake…”

Wedding Limerick:

“Enjoy the sandals, grab a pair!..”

Wedding Haiku #1:

“A walk on the beach…”

Wedding Haiku #2:

“As a gift take these…”

Wedding Haiku #3:

“Love is a grand thing…”

For A Wedding:

“In life, we must all take a stroll.
Down roads of experience and grace.
Yet, the time has come for satin and lace.
As rice is thrown and church bell’s toll,
Expect happiness on this fine day…”