“Sometimes I just want to quit…”

Story Of A Blue:

“What a lovely tune.
Of the winds breeze…
Of the waters currents…
Of the redwood trees…”

Prayer For The Mute:

“I’m sorry I’m not perfect.
I’m sorry I can’t give you everything.
I’m sorry I can’t be there all of the time.
But most of all, I’m sorry I ever
Tried anything for you…”


“As I walk down the hallway,
I notice there is many things to see.
If I look into the eyes of others
I will see what they wish no one else to see…”


“Hanging loosely on the wall.
Every day there for all.
Walk up to it for a peak.
Shining back, pale and meek…”


“Bah Humbug” on his Christmas Hat.

A black that shines in the pale light.

A hat that only fit him just once.

Now it needs tape to stay up right.


“My heart is the –
Weeping river –
Traveling through rapids…”

My Path: Unseen:

“Sunshine and daises.
I will never see again.
Total dark for me…”

Thoughts Of The Bored:


Human Beings:

“Nothing is perfect.
Nothing is great.
Nothing is real.
We are just animals…”


“Time is now.
Time is then.
Time is eternal.
Time is gone…”

The Psychic




I’m by myself…

My Question, Your Heart

Why am I –

So compeled –

To make you happy?

To Forgive But Not Forget


Locked away for a while.


Then it all floods back.

Es Tut Mir Leid!

Foolish I have been.

To have trusted her; a sin.

Forgiveness I ask.

Not Enough Time

I sigh as the sun rise,

Upon the bleak sky,

This is something I despise…

Do you wonder why?


I only wanted a little girl.

You wanted one, too.

A girl to show the world!

To me there was nothing else to do.

Two Halves To Join Again:

“You loved him.
So did I.
You cared for him.
So do I…”

A Question To A Flower:

“My beloved flower…
Why does your heart race?
So fast within my body.
That was once yours…”

Isis White:

“Cherry red.
Semi – sweet.
No dread.
Very neat…”

Tosha De Marco:

“So young,
So full of life
It’s just begun.
No room for strife…”

Levithian von Reiniger:

Is that what you Are?
A man of respect?
A man of power?
I can’t remember…”


“My friends are important to me…”


“The moaning grey wolf…”


“There once was a lad named Jake…”

Wedding Limerick:

“Enjoy the sandals, grab a pair!..”

Wedding Haiku #1:

“A walk on the beach…”

Wedding Haiku #2:

“As a gift take these…”

Wedding Haiku #3:

“Love is a grand thing…”

For A Wedding:

“In life, we must all take a stroll.
Down roads of experience and grace.
Yet, the time has come for satin and lace.
As rice is thrown and church bell’s toll,
Expect happiness on this fine day…”

Paw-Pring on my Heart