Two Halves to Join Again

You loved him.

So did I.

You cared for him.

So do I.

He chose me first.

You were sad.

You tried to accept us.

But it tore you apart.

You let yourself be overcome.

I let myself grow weak.

You attacked him first.

And made him weep.

I tried to help.

I learned of how weak I was.

You broke his heart.

And tried to reap him of innocence.

After months of hardships.

After pain and pain again.

You were finally free.

From the 7 that held you.

Your heart broke.

Guilt plagued you.

Evil demanded you back.

My poor light…

And now your body dies.

Your heart in pieces.

Even though you were forgiven.

You hated yourself too much.

You began to cut ties.

With family.

With friends.

With Him…

He loved you.

He trusted you.

You distanced yourself.

And shattered our worlds.

You’re fading…

You’re dying…

Let me save you…

Let us combine!

Go inside yourself now…

Let me take control.

Let me suffer your weaknesses.

Let me have your body…

Your heart is yours.

Your body is mine.

I will keep it within me.

Protect it from harm…

I will cut off the weights

That pulls you down

I will save you!

I will save him, too!

I may grow weak –

From your heart…

But my will is strong

I will save us…

Sleep now…

Sleep forever…

Live on…

Let me take over.

  • Kyoko

Not A Game Saga


Paw-Print on My Heart

Oh, how I miss my Candy,

A dog of well-known breed,

Who always was beside me?

And sensed my every need…

He’d comfort with a nuzzle,

Sit closely by my side,

If I were feeling cheery

Or in great despair …

A scratch would do him nicely,

When his needs came to fore,

A tender kiss upon his head,

He rarely asked for more…

I miss his gentle presence,

The howl he sung with glee,

The friend who found no failure

Or faults in me could see…

Candy left a paw – print

Upon my breaking heart.

For we had bonded fully

And hoped to never part.

Adapted from Virginia Borman Grimmer

Story of a Blue

What a lovely tune.

Of the winds breeze…

Of the waters currents…

Of the redwood trees.

What a joyous sound

Of the Bees

And the robin.

And every other thing.

“Too bad.”

Said the wind.

“Too bad.”

Said the rabbit.

For there is a bird.

A blue bird of melody.

It is said in history…

Of the notes this bird can reach.

“I want to hear!”

Said the water.

“I want to hear!”

Said the bees.

This bird will not sing.

She will not talk.

She will not whisper.

For all she can do is weep.

She was born a slave.

She was born a captive.

She was born in chains.

She was born in a cage.

The master would

Come to admire her.

The mistress would

Yell and abuse her.

Both hoped to

Hear her sing.

Both yearned to

Hear a tune.

But she would not.

She could not.

She was mute.

But why?

Because her cage

Is by the window.

And she would

Look through it every day.

She would see the

Children laughing.

She would see

Her friends fly.

She wanted to join them.

But her wing was clipped.

Her master won’t let her out.

She will never be free.

So she sits…

Day after Day

And watches every other bird,

Fly away.

Her master waits.

Her mistress complains.

But she will never open her beak,

For the caged bird cannot sing…


Time is now.

Time is then.

Time is eternal.

Time is gone.

When did it start?

Where did it began?

How could this be?

Time is here.

Too soon.

Too soon

It is all –

Too soon!

18 now.

1 then.

Everything is different –

But nothing has changed!

How can this be?!

Too soon!

18 too soon!

17 too short!

It’s unavoidable

But this came too fast.

I Hate this!

I fear this!

Why do I feel this way?

When did I change?

I wished for it every day,

But now that it’s here I want it to go away!

Too soon!

Everyone’s different…

No one changed…

Things aren’t the same…

Confused. Confused.

Fear, anger, pain.

18 too soon.

Make it go away!

I’m scared! I’m scared!

Alone. Alone. Ghost.

No voice. No heart. No soul

18 too soon.

Where am I now?

What happened to me?

Why did I change?

Happy Birthday, Valerie…

Human Beings

Nothing is perfect.

Nothing is great.

Nothing is real.

We are just animals.

The worse kind.

Not cute.

Not sweet.

But insane Humans.

We have never

Been and never

Will be perfect.

God made us that way.

What is perfect?

Not us.

The closest we have

Is fiction novels.

Perfect is nothing

More than beautiful

Lies from a


What is Religion?

The belief in perfect.

Doesn’t matter

What you believe in.

Catholic, Christian,

Muslim, Jewish, Hindus,

Taoist, Polytheistic, Buddhist,

Wiccan, Islamic, etc.

No matter what

Their books say,

They all worship

The idea of perfection.

A perfect God.

A perfect afterlife.

A perfect hell.

Perfect, perfect, perfect!

I love God.

That is true.

I don’t insult him.

And I actually try to meet his expectations.

But I don’t

Know what I am.

 Am I Christian? I believe

In Jesus Christ.

Am I Buddhist?

I believe in reincarnation.

Am I Taoist?

I believe in equal balance.

Am I Wiccan?

I believe in harmony

With nature and

Using its healing powers.

What am I?

In God’s eyes?

In everyone’s eyes?

Not perfect.

I don’t believe in

Romance. I don’t

Believe humans can

Ever be perfect in love.

There is no perfect

Belief because

No one follows

The rules of God.

The bible says

God can be persuaded

By a mere man that

Destroying a town of sinners is wrong.

God is vengeful and

Jealous, but this man

Can question him?

In the bible it is ok?

It says two sisters

Spelt with their holy

Father to help him

Forget the recent death of their mother.


Lying to save your life.

Sacrificing children and animals.

Is commended in the Bible!

It says nothing about

Gay marriage and relationships being

A sin and that only

A Man and Woman can love each other.

Killing in the

Name of God and

Your beliefs is

Not in it either.

So why are humans

Saying it’s there?

They must be lying,

Cause I cannot find it.

I’m not here to diss God

Or his words, but to

Say that everything going on today,

Is confusing me even more about Perfection.


Thoughts of the Bored





They say draw.

Draw what?

They say write.

Write what?

There are no thoughts…

There are no feelings…

There are no words…

…To express.

I am bored.

Bored I am.

I Think, I Yearn, I Implore

To do.

I am tired.

I am not.

I am hungry.

I am not.

These are just

Physical means to pass time.

There is no joy.

There is no thing.