Here’s a Question

I’ve tired to branch out on the ranges of topic I blog about these days. Is that something you guys like? Should I stick to only one type of topic?


Not many people know this but I’m an avid photographer. I used to be very serious about it in my youth, but it was just one hobby that I couldn’t share because work or college got in the way…

Well I was recently recommended this website that allows me to finally show off all that hard work I had made so long ago as well as my recent pictures from when opportunity arised.

If anyone is curious, they are free to view at 500px. I’m not sure how often I will upload since I have over a decade of photos to look through. I’ll try not to put any sub-par, but either way enjoy!


I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on this site, but I thought I should leave a little memo for anyone curious.

Now that I have my degree, I’ve been trying to focus on finishing my work and trying to publish. Of course, that’s not going to be easy, but worth a try. I’ve decided to try Patreon to see if that would help out, though I’m not very certain on it. If anyone is curious to check it out here’s the link:

I have been trying to post everyday since I started it on updates and notes on fiction that I have been working on. Some stuff is free for the public to view. Nothing is in any particular order and some of it is stuff that I made over a decade ago. The reason I post that up is kind of a fun little reminder for me on how far I’ve come from when I was first brainstorming. Hopefully you guys might check it out, but don’t worry about paying for anything. I just love to create…