Tell Me

Look into my eyes

And tell me what you see…

Do you see me?

Do you see my heart?

Tell me why you’re quiet,

Tell me please.

Don’t you love me?

Don’t you care?

I still love you,

So don’t you dare!

Why are you crying?

Tears are falling from your eyes.

Is it me?

Is it you?

Tell me why you’re quiet,

Tell me please.

Don’t you love me?

Don’t you care?

I still love you,

So don’t you dare!

I want to know why

I want you to tell me.

You’re packing your bags…

You’re breaking my heart.

Tell me why you’re quiet,

Tell me please.

Don’t you love me?

Don’t you care?

I still love you,

So don’t you dare!

Tell me why you’re quiet,

Tell me please.

Don’t you love me?

Don’t you care?

I still love you,

So don’t you dare!

You’re a jerk!

To lead me on…

To make me think that –

We had something.

Come back, will you please?

Come back and look into my eyes!

Tell me what you see.

Do you see me?


“She loved to read.” cried the books with the broken backs.

“She hardly went to sleep.” the clock on the bedpost snoozed.

“She loved to listen to music.” the CD player with the run-out batteries complained.

“She loved to paint, draw, and make other crafts.” the art set cheered.

“She watched TV.” said the remote control on the bed.

“She was very messy.” said the unmade bed and clothes on the floor.

“She loved to write stories.” the papers in the binders on the shelves retold.

“She cared for her family and friends.” the pictures on the walls and shelves said.

“She was very sad and lonely.” the ever fresh tear stains on the green carpet remembered.

“She always wanted to help others.” the walls echoed.

My Knight

Maybe I’ll find… Away… To say… Goodbye… To you! My Knight… In tainted covers.

It’s time to say… Goodnight! My knight… in painted armor.

You once were… so clean… and kind to me, but now you’ve fallen… into … Dishonor!

Maybe someday… I’ll find… A way to change your mind. To bring… Back the light! My Knight!

But now is not… That time… For that rhyme. I must bid… Goodbye… To my Knight… In shining… Blinding…


Years Ago

Little kids on the playground.

Trying to get higher on the swing.

As I sit here I can’t help but to think.

“How did it some to this?”

Three years ago…

When I’m sitting here with HIM.

I never once thought…

“He would cheat on me like this.”

Five years ago…

When I’m jogging with my dad.

I never once imagined…

“I would fall so low.”

Seven years ago…

When I’m in the jungle gym…

I never once believed…

“I would ever find love.”

Over ten years ago…

When I’m playing in the park.

I never once guessed…

“I would lose all trust in everyone.”

But here I am.

Swinging on this swing.

Thinking to myself.

“How did it comes to this?”


It’s happening again.

Back to that day.

Cruel black dragon

Of despair and Cray.

Alone and broken

Heart Shattered

Soul taken

Nothing mattered.

Oh, word I dread!

Have I become this once more?

Savior had cut me red;

Filled with gore.

Dead inside.

Memories come to haunt.

Nowhere left to hide.

All left to taunt.

Where did he go?

Why did he leave?

Nothing to tow.

I can only heave.

He was the only one

That could see,

What everyone else wrung,

The real me.

I am a Ghost

Once more

The up most

What he could wore.

My medium

Has left

My continuum

And theft.

I need him

Hated he may be.

Chance meeting grim

Yet it is only he.

Until then I’ll wait

For his heart’s rhyme.

Love locked in a crate.

I am a Ghost for the 2nd time.

Four Years

Has time gone by so fast?

Who really thought this would last?

Friends, smiles and having a blast.

Now the die has been cast.

Look at all the years gone.

All those games we had won.

All the dates we’ve been on.

Deciding our path with the pro and con.

Look at the picture of a football game.

One will tell you what had came.

One will tell you how it was lame.

So many memories for one night; none the same.

Who knows what the future brings?

Which of us will sing?

Which of us gets the bling?

Which of us with a wedding ring?

Freshmen year, child’s play.

Full of games and groups way.

Laughter on day by day.

But the year could not stay.

Tenth grade full of hearts.

Through betrayal did take part.

Time to make Love start.

Trust took the form of a dart.

Junior year full gloom.

Exams made no room.

For time kept memories to bloom.

Broken up for doom.

Last time for History.

Lays a head a mystery.

Onwards to satisfactory.

Seniors now to reach victory.

Down these halls were such a bliss.

Gooding off and earning a kiss.

 Most of all I’m going to miss.

The family I had made in this.

Remember those we came to befriend.

Now the year has come to an end.

Graduation is around the bend.

Congratulations Class of Two Thousand Ten!