My Question, You Heart

Why am I –

So compeled –

To make you happy?

Why am I –

Joyous –

When you laugh?

Why am I –

Afraid –

When you’re mad?

Why am I –

Angry –

When you’re in pain?

Why am I –

Sad –

When you’re away?

How come –

You –

Affect me so?


For A Wedding

In life, we must all take a stroll.

Down roads of experience and grace.

Yet, the time has come for satin and lace.

As rice is thrown and church bell’s toll,

Expect happiness on this fine day.

The sands between our feet,

Ebb gently back into the tide,

Where love grows far and wide.

Paths leading us all to meet.

Great day to get feet wet.

Come hither all within the festive.

Enjoy the sandals, grab a pair.

To each their own, all is fair.

Join us on the shore in amusement.

Once again, your attendance was pleasant.



“Bah Humbug” on his Christmas Hat.

A black that shines in the pale light.

A hat that only fit him just once.

Now it needs tape to stay up right.

Grumpy little smile.

Scaly little feet.

Stopping around the tiled floor.

Looking for a bite to eat.

My sweet baby Timothy.

Nothing pleases you so.

I try to give you hugs and pets.

You hiss tells me “No!”

It’s been three years since you hatched.

How did you get so big?

You a pickier than a human child…

Would you like to try a fig?

Lazy, moody tortoise.

You’ve mastered counting sheep.

You leave your room to explore at first light.

Only for a new place to sleep.

Christmas day has come at last.

You could care even less.

You plow through new obstacles in the way.

And leave behind a mess.

Tosha De Marco

So young,

So full of life

It’s just begun.

No room for strife.

She reads her books.

Studies everyday

Doesn’t care for her looks.

But she’s prettier in her way.

Quiet for most of the time.

Knowing between peace and cords

Never will commit a crime.

Angel of us hoards.

Magical creature of wit.

Should be princess of the elves.

Ignorant of a grit.

With wisdom on shelves.

  • Ayame

Not A Game Saga

Isis White

Cherry red.

Semi – sweet.

No dread.

Very neat.

Always there.

A great friend.

Always cares.

This will never end.

There for me.

There for him.

There for my enemy.

There for them.

Like a sister.

Friendship is always true.

I’m always gonna miss her!

Thank you!

  • Ayame

Not A Game Saga

Levithian von Reiniger


Is that what you Are?

A man of respect?

A man of power?

I can’t remember…

When did you last make me smile?

When did you last make me cry?

I can’t remember…

Where were you?

When I was alone?

When I was tortured?

When I was betrayed?

Why weren’t you there?

Why didn’t you save me?

Did you care?

Or are you busy ruling your land?

  • Ayame

Not A Game Saga