A Sacrifice from an Insane Girl

My heart has overflown.

My love is strong willed.

It will not die down.

It will not die down…

Your eyes are beautiful.

Your voice is pure.

Your touch is soft.

Your soul is not mine…

She owns your heart.

She captivates those eyes.

She hides your voice.

She keeps your touch.

My love is strong.

My will is weak.

I must let you go.

You must be happy.

I will cut out my eyes

So I can never –

See Those Eyes –


I will burst my eardrums…

With vicious music…

So I can never follow –

The sound of your voice.

I will swallow acid

And seal my lips –

With hot wax,

So you can never suffer my screech.

I will tear out –

My heart –

So you can –

Be free…

I will cut my wrists

And end my life.

So no distractions will come,

When you are with her.


My Angel…

My Savior…

My Lost Love…




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