To A Beloved Soul…

In smiling grace, I see dirt.

In shallow waters and empty hurt.

In raging rivers and crazed dreams.

In hopeless desires and dreaded schemes.

My eyes go blind from endless lies.

My lips tighten, my form dies.

The sound of screams within my dead resonates bees.

Taste dulls while my heart bleeds.

A rapid flow of emotions come.

A sense of death, the air has rung.

My life of somber drowns

As the morals of friendship downs.

Of Aphrodite’s passionate spell,

The face of man do quell.

And before my feet do I see,

The treachery of the one that swooned me.

I loved his touch, eyes and voice.

And I felt as if I had no choice,

But to follow him as his prey,

Until he did cast me away.

Even though he has now gone.

And took with my heart on song,

My body follows blindly,

While my soul perishes kindly.

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