It’s happening again.

Back to that day.

Cruel black dragon

Of despair and Cray.

Alone and broken

Heart Shattered

Soul taken

Nothing mattered.

Oh, word I dread!

Have I become this once more?

Savior had cut me red;

Filled with gore.

Dead inside.

Memories come to haunt.

Nowhere left to hide.

All left to taunt.

Where did he go?

Why did he leave?

Nothing to tow.

I can only heave.

He was the only one

That could see,

What everyone else wrung,

The real me.

I am a Ghost

Once more

The up most

What he could wore.

My medium

Has left

My continuum

And theft.

I need him

Hated he may be.

Chance meeting grim

Yet it is only he.

Until then I’ll wait

For his heart’s rhyme.

Love locked in a crate.

I am a Ghost for the 2nd time.

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