Four Years

Has time gone by so fast?

Who really thought this would last?

Friends, smiles and having a blast.

Now the die has been cast.

Look at all the years gone.

All those games we had won.

All the dates we’ve been on.

Deciding our path with the pro and con.

Look at the picture of a football game.

One will tell you what had came.

One will tell you how it was lame.

So many memories for one night; none the same.

Who knows what the future brings?

Which of us will sing?

Which of us gets the bling?

Which of us with a wedding ring?

Freshmen year, child’s play.

Full of games and groups way.

Laughter on day by day.

But the year could not stay.

Tenth grade full of hearts.

Through betrayal did take part.

Time to make Love start.

Trust took the form of a dart.

Junior year full gloom.

Exams made no room.

For time kept memories to bloom.

Broken up for doom.

Last time for History.

Lays a head a mystery.

Onwards to satisfactory.

Seniors now to reach victory.

Down these halls were such a bliss.

Gooding off and earning a kiss.

 Most of all I’m going to miss.

The family I had made in this.

Remember those we came to befriend.

Now the year has come to an end.

Graduation is around the bend.

Congratulations Class of Two Thousand Ten!

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