Life dulls.

Time halts.

Love is gone.

Hope, there’s none.

If misery loves company

Then it must be true

Cause all I want

Is a hug or two.

Who to trust?

Who to care for?

How do you know when

The last two betrayed you?

She was m friend,

Sister, even.

He was my love,

Married to be.

She hated him.

He hated her.

Tried to work it out.

Then forced me to choose.

I could not.

I would not.

It was too cruel.

So they left.

They laughed…

They cussed…

They fought…

…at me.

They wished for my suffering


They wished for my death.

Almost true…

I am alone.

I am afraid.

Everything is dark.

Is this the end?

I see my friends.

They smile at me.

Then she comes.

They are gone.

Only few remain.

They are my “sister”.

They are my “brothers”.

One is my crush.

He knows what I’ve been through.

Suffered almost the same.

He doesn’t judge.

I hope to call him friend.




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