I only wanted a little girl.

You wanted one, too.

A girl to show the world!

To me there was nothing else to do.

I lost her.

You didn’t know.

It was something I couldn’t bare.

So I hid her away.

She was buried.

She was prayed for.

She was prayed to.

She was forgotten…

You only seem to argue.

I only seem to cry.

I’ve just remembered her…

Yet I still did not tell you.

You leave me.

You say there is nothing left.

I die inside.

I finally can’t take it anymore.

I tell the truth.

You don’t believe me at first.

You lie saying you had a girl before.

I cry because I still believe that’s true.

You apologize.

For hurting me so long ago.

I forgive you.

I can’ trust you.

You swoon me, again.

But you are already taken!

Are you using her?

Are you using me?

I ask for help.

You agree.

Things get better…

Then you leave.

We fight.

You’re confused.

I’m lonely.

We fight.

You leave me again.

You say we’re no longer friends.

You say you’re glad she’s gone.


You knew I wanted a daughter.


You knew I lost her.


You know I could become sterol!


You shattered the remaining pieces of my heart…

Please… apologize…



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