Fanfic really messed up my concept of how much I’ve actually written

I love fanfic, and I love its structure and what it usually focuses on, and I don’t have a lot bad to say about it, honestly.


Just today I had a Google Doc open and saw that I was at about ~5k words. And I thought, “That’s almost nothing. I should be farther along.”

I checked the page count (12 pt font Libre Baskerville), and it was at 12. If I printed it out, it would be 12 pages of material. That’s a decent goddamn amount of work, to be entirely honest. Not too crazy, but I checked a long fic I’d written that’s at ~75k words. That technically counts as novel length. Novel length.

I love fanfic, but its really skewed my idea of how much I’ve actually written, and anyone else who came from a fanfic background, don’t forget that 7k one-shots are actually a helluva lot or writing, longer than a lot of undergrad papers are supposed to be.

Don’t beat yourself up over wordcount!

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