The Psychic




I’m by myself…

Lost in a crowd.

No one knows me.

No one sees me.

No one cares.

I am a Ghost.

I stand in the group.

Conversation goes around.

Not to me…

They look past me.

They do not see.

 Not my body.

Not my soul.

They do not notice…

The tears in my eyes.

The labor of my breath.

The blood that flows.

I am a Ghost

I am alone.

I am an outcast.

I’m always there.

If one cries, I pat their back.

If one yells, I calm their breath.

If one laughs, I smile with them.

If one dies, I remember them…

I am a Ghost.

They notice me not.

I cry in pain.

They walk a6way.

I hear all.

I see all.

I feel all.

I sense all.

I walk to the crowd again.

There is someone new.

He laughs with his friends.

His eyes catch mine.


Not one word spoken.

Not one smile shown.

Just stares.

He sees me.

He hears me.

He senses me.

The others do not, still.

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