A Question to a Flower

My beloved flower…

Why does your heart race?

So fast within my body.

That was once yours.

I have a new body now!

One that you once inhabited.

I like in this world now.

I have to get used to that…

I no longer live in shadows.

I no longer kill those in the way.

I no longer torture fools.

I am no longer Death’s Daughter.

I must leave that world.

The past is behind me.

Forever away.

Even my family.

That name is not mine.

I will be the moon no longer.

Nor the queen.

Nor the reaper.

I must look to the light.

And make peace with myself.

You must go to your home.

In the world of ever-shine.

I shall walk this world…

And clean up your mess…

I am the new you,

And I’m here to stay.

  • Kyoko

Not A Game Saga



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