Story of a Blue

What a lovely tune.

Of the winds breeze…

Of the waters currents…

Of the redwood trees.

What a joyous sound

Of the Bees

And the robin.

And every other thing.

“Too bad.”

Said the wind.

“Too bad.”

Said the rabbit.

For there is a bird.

A blue bird of melody.

It is said in history…

Of the notes this bird can reach.

“I want to hear!”

Said the water.

“I want to hear!”

Said the bees.

This bird will not sing.

She will not talk.

She will not whisper.

For all she can do is weep.

She was born a slave.

She was born a captive.

She was born in chains.

She was born in a cage.

The master would

Come to admire her.

The mistress would

Yell and abuse her.

Both hoped to

Hear her sing.

Both yearned to

Hear a tune.

But she would not.

She could not.

She was mute.

But why?

Because her cage

Is by the window.

And she would

Look through it every day.

She would see the

Children laughing.

She would see

Her friends fly.

She wanted to join them.

But her wing was clipped.

Her master won’t let her out.

She will never be free.

So she sits…

Day after Day

And watches every other bird,

Fly away.

Her master waits.

Her mistress complains.

But she will never open her beak,

For the caged bird cannot sing…

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