Time is now.

Time is then.

Time is eternal.

Time is gone.

When did it start?

Where did it began?

How could this be?

Time is here.

Too soon.

Too soon

It is all –

Too soon!

18 now.

1 then.

Everything is different –

But nothing has changed!

How can this be?!

Too soon!

18 too soon!

17 too short!

It’s unavoidable

But this came too fast.

I Hate this!

I fear this!

Why do I feel this way?

When did I change?

I wished for it every day,

But now that it’s here I want it to go away!

Too soon!

Everyone’s different…

No one changed…

Things aren’t the same…

Confused. Confused.

Fear, anger, pain.

18 too soon.

Make it go away!

I’m scared! I’m scared!

Alone. Alone. Ghost.

No voice. No heart. No soul

18 too soon.

Where am I now?

What happened to me?

Why did I change?

Happy Birthday, Valerie…



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