My Friend

                On the fields of corn, under the dull full moon hidden behind the clouds, was a small boy around the age of three. He had dark brown hair and light hazel eyes that held a sense of innocence. He wandered around the tall stalks playing a game of hide and seek, until he came across a pair of teens. The oldest was a boy with golden blonde hair; the other was a girl with baby blue hues. They kissed and hugged unknowing of the young lad. He watched in awe as they continued their actions.
“Why are you trying to eat her face off?” his innocent, small voice asked, catching the eye of the man. The suspended kiss made the girl pout as she sat up. She waved the little boy over, and he came quickly, his shoes lightly touching the grass.
“He is not trying to eat me.” She answered with a small giggle, “He was just showing his love for me.” The young boy just gazed at her, not really understanding what she meant, but shrugged it off quickly. The teen boy looked at his girlfriend with passion in his eyes; she stared right back with a smile. When he opened his mouth to say something, a ghoulish roar sounded from somewhere within the field. The teens stared in horror toward the area. The young man felt his courage possess him as he ran to the spot, yelling back for the girl to stay put. She obeyed and held the little boy close to her, hoping for this to be a prank. Hearkening the surrounding, she pulled out some treats to distract the little boy from the situation.
The young boy looked around for a clue, but all he saw was the endless rows of corn. “The outhouses are the only thing near by, but tat sound came from here. Where and what is it?” he asked himself as the silence derision him even ore. He knew the concealment of this thing couldn’t last forever. Just when he was about to give up and go back, he felt something punch him hard in the face. He quickly looked around but saw no one there. Who hade the audacity to punch him then run away? “Who was the coward?”, he asked himself. He was as mad as a bull, until he heard his beloved scream. “Nancy!” he called as he ran back down the path he thought he came from. Tears of rage filled his eyes as he ran as fast as he could in the direction of Nancy’s vexed and desecrate screams of pain. The only problem was they came from all around him. He grabbed his head in frustration, trying to bock out all the sounds. He wished over and over that this once perfect – turned terrible night was no more that a bad dream. “Nancy, where are you?” he cried as he fell to his knees.
Suddenly, her screams ceased, giving the distinctness of her death, but not before she yelled, “Johnny!” He ran faster than ever before, down the final path.
“Nancy, please be ok!” Please be alive! Please don’t die!” he begged in his mind. He was in such a hurry that he didn’t watch where he stepped, sending him to trip into the hard, cold, and damp, sticky ground. Getting up to his knees, he stared in horror at the dark red liquid spread all over the palms of his hands. Too afraid to look ahead, he turned his head to see what he tripped over. It was the small, left arm of the girl he held hands with. The deep purple gem stone ring on her finger shined with the red spots in the moonlight. With tear-stained eyes, he finally looked up at the “clearing” in front of him. Blood was splattered everywhere from the grass to the corn high about his head. Her disembodied corpse lay on the ground.
The worst of it all was the little boy, sitting in the middle of the mess, eating the candy that was given to him. Johnny just stared at the small kid in shock. “How could he just sit there, like nothing happened? Why didn’t he try to save her? How could he do nothing?” he thought. He ran as far as he could until he got to an exit of the cornfield, leaving the boy behind.
He found his truck and drove off into town where he headed to the police station. Once there, he yelled like a mad man about Nancy Heartmen’s gruesome death. He told them everything, from meeting the boy to finding her everywhere. They had their suspicions towards him, of course, the sheriff had him sent home and told him to relax, and that they would send a car up to the field to check things out; they did.
At three-thirty in the morning, Johnny snick out of his house, unsatisfied. He knew they suspected him. He knew the Heartmen’s would blame and hate him when they find out in the morning. He didn’t care; all he wanted was to kill the monster that took his bride from him. He pushed the truck off the curb and down the street very carefully, so he wouldn’t wake the neighborhood. When he was sure that no one would hear, he got inside and placed the keys in the ignition, thus turning it on. He drove down the five miles to the cornfield and parked it on the side of the road. Through the rear view mirror, he noticed a patrol car at the edge of the field. He opened the door, got out and walked over to the passengers’ side of the car. Inside he saw one body without its head and blood splattered on the windshield. He crept into the cornfield as silent as he could be, walked towards the middle. His stomach twisted, turned, and jumped as he saw the once fresh, now dry crime scene.
“Oh, Nancy… I’m so sorry that I couldn’t save you… I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you… I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise…” he closed his eyes in grief and stood there. Time seemed to go on forever, even though it was a minute or so.
“Be glad you weren’t there; you would have suffered, too!” a creepy clownish voice chuckled in front of him. His piercing hazel eyes opened to glare at nothing. He turned around thinking the voice might have moved behind him or something like that, but, once again, there only stood the corn stalks.
“Who said that?” he questioned loud enough for the next town to hear. The tone of his own voice startled him slightly. “Who’s there?” he yelled again.
“I’m here…” the spooky voice replied from everywhere this time. Johnny blindly swung his fist in front of himself, to hit someone, but this someone, he could not see. Terror filled his eyes as realization came to him. An invisible person murdered Nancy. He stood there for a while, his fist holding tightly to the invisible shirt. After what seemed like forever, he finally snapped out of his scared stat.
“You killed her, didn’t you? You killed Nancy! You killed her!” he screamed as he wildly started beating the transparent being. He continued until a green ichors splattered on his face, shirt and ground. He kept at it until he felt the life fade away, not to mention the body. He was finally force to stop when he felt nothing but air in his grasp.
“Why did you kill Coco?” a recognizable innocent voice asked from behind him. He turned around to see the little boy from earlier. “Why did you kill my best friend?” he asked again.
Johnny looked at him confused. This three year old was friend with a monster, how could that be? “Coco?” he asked.
“Coco is my imaginary friend, but that’s ok…. I got a new one…” he spoke the last part eerily with a wicked grin. “I don’t need him anymore… he always got in the way of me making new friends, anyways. Now, would you like to be my friend?” he spoke as he morphed into a gruesome creature, and tore Johnny apart entirely. Of course, he got two new “imaginary” friends, by the names of Nancy Heartmen and Johnny Carnes.

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