The Little Ghost

Once upon a time there was a little ghost.

The ghost was always trying to be helpful but got easily distracted and kept forgetting her past.

As she was floating between the walls of a hotel, one night, she came across a group of children.

Wanting to have some fun she materialized into the most possible solid form that she could become.

It was an easy trick, but she couldn’t let anyone touch her or else it would come undone.

The children were playing hide and seek in the lobby and she asked if she could be allowed to join.

She had countless fun with the kids and while she hid behind a couch, she decided to look around at the surrounding furniture.

Seeing an old grandfather clock in the corner she blinked in confusion.

She had a feeling this wasn’t the first time she’s seen one, but couldn’t find the memory of it.

As she stared at the clock, one of the children noticed her spacing out.

Wanting to pull a joke, he snuck up behind her with a bottle of ice cold water.

Uncapping it, he poured the bottle on top of her head.

Confused as to why the girl didn’t seem to have noticed, he reached out to shake her before falling flat on his face.

Thinking that the girl had fooled him into tripping, he looked up only to scream.

He was laying straight through her and she didn’t even respond until he ran away.

Realizing her carelessness, the little ghost quickly went invisible and watched as the boy ran to tell the other children.

None of the people believed him, to the girls relief, so she went into the nearest hiding place and turned back into her human form before coming out in public.

“Does this mean I win?” she asked with a giggle as the boy screamed.

Continuing with their fun, the girl couldn’t help, but to feel guilty about making the boy feel like a fool.

After it was time for the children to return to their separate hotel rooms, she disappeared.

Following the boy to his room, she saw that he was the youngest of five brothers, whom kept picking and teasing him.

As everyone went to bed she appeared in front of the boy, shushing him before he could freak out.

“I’m sorry about earlier.” she explained, “I just haven’t played with children in so long.”

The boy nodded in understanding, before asking if she was a real ghost.

Receiving a hard pillow to the head, the boy turned around to see his eldest brother growling at him to stay quiet and go to sleep.

Feeling annoyed the little ghost levitated a nearby trashcan and dumped it onto the teenager.

Offering to stay with the boy as long as he kept playing with her, she reached out her hand as agreement.

The boy accepted, feeling happy that he could help this little ghost while she waited for her turn to enter the afterlife.

The End.

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