Attack on Journalism

Ever since Congress has made it legal for the News to “inform” on stories with little to no facts, I no longer trust a single word that is said on television or newspapers. Its been months and yet no one has said anything about it which makes me think the nation is taking things at face-value and choose to believe everything that is told to them instead of questioning and researching to see if anything is true anymore. I don’t know what the future holds for American Society, but from the little fact that any broadcast could be made to say “Everything is the poor’s fault.” with no proof from Economist, Mathematicians, Historians and people who’ve worked for their credibility but from someone who says it, is just plain wrong. This just says the We The People have grown to dim to take a stand for themselves and are eager to be lead by any agenda. I hate politics so much, but if the government is going to allow other medium’s I cherish (Real Journalism in this case) than I’m not going to accept nor allow it.

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