Sound of the Soul

What does it mean to have a “taste in music”? Music has been described as a way to express one’s self, to call the mind and to blank out the world. This, to me, can also be used to describe art itself. To combine the two is a very interesting concept. Certain museums that I have been to will be completely silent yet others have certain types of music looping whenever viewing a certain exhibit. Can the music affect the subjective views towards an art piece? What hold does a choir have over viewing stained glass than listening to rock music towards the same subject? Music and Art can be a very strange blend, yet wonderfuly explosive in the emotional sense. Would that destract from the objective point of view, however? These are just some questions to dwell on: Would you love a painting even more if it was accompanied by your favorite band, or would you be to destracted with the lyrics to enjoy the technique of the piece? I know that if I were listening to a Incubus playlist it might be hard to enjoy a Van Gogh, but for some reason I think I would enjoy Dali’s works even more with the changing beat.

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