What is “Dad”?

Dad is a man who cares for you.

A man who picks you up when you are down.

A man who makes you laugh.

Who is “Dad”?

Dad is my best friend.

Dad is the one I can always trust.

Dad is the one who thinks of me first before himself.

Where is “Dad”?

Dad is beside me when I stand up for myself.

Dad is right behind me in case I fall.

Dad is in front of me so I can be safe.

Dad is the wind under my wings.

Dad is the umbrella over my head.

Dad is the sunlight for my leaves.

Dad has always been there for me.

I love you, dad…



To A Beloved Soul…

In smiling grace, I see dirt.

In shallow waters and empty hurt.

In raging rivers and crazed dreams.

In hopeless desires and dreaded schemes.

My eyes go blind from endless lies.

My lips tighten, my form dies.

The sound of screams within my dead resonates bees.

Taste dulls while my heart bleeds.

A rapid flow of emotions come.

A sense of death, the air has rung.

My life of somber drowns

As the morals of friendship downs.

Of Aphrodite’s passionate spell,

The face of man do quell.

And before my feet do I see,

The treachery of the one that swooned me.

I loved his touch, eyes and voice.

And I felt as if I had no choice,

But to follow him as his prey,

Until he did cast me away.

Even though he has now gone.

And took with my heart on song,

My body follows blindly,

While my soul perishes kindly.



When I’m Alone

The walls close around me

Sounds lowers into white noise

Before sudden stillness of silence follows

The air freezes in my lungs

My eyes cannot focus on anything

Not on myself nor what is in front of me

There is no smell distinguishable, but the overwhelming

Feeling of panic makes that thought disappear.

The heart squeezes as chills

Run down my spine.

Fingers clench, digging deeper and deeper

To the muscle underneath

Wrists pop before shaking in a desperate

Attempt to throw off the fear.

Knees buckle as stress build too much

Then smash to the ground beneath.

I try to raise again, but my ankles will not cooperate.

Instead they find a familiar joint to lock in place.

The spine caves and forms a curve

As hands reach out for a comforting support.

There is nothing to hold onto, but

The shivering crossed calves.

Sudden intake of breath begins to quicken

As realization takes hold in the mind.

“Why am I so scared? I was doing just fine!”

A mantra forms as words are whispered.

“Nothing happened to day! Nothing happened today!”

“Why can I not calm down?”

“Nothing happened today! Nothing happened today!”

“Please, make my fears go away…”



Tell Me

Look into my eyes

And tell me what you see…

Do you see me?

Do you see my heart?

Tell me why you’re quiet,

Tell me please.

Don’t you love me?

Don’t you care?

I still love you,

So don’t you dare!

Why are you crying?

Tears are falling from your eyes.

Is it me?

Is it you?

Tell me why you’re quiet,

Tell me please.

Don’t you love me?

Don’t you care?

I still love you,

So don’t you dare!

I want to know why

I want you to tell me.

You’re packing your bags…

You’re breaking my heart.

Tell me why you’re quiet,

Tell me please.

Don’t you love me?

Don’t you care?

I still love you,

So don’t you dare!

Tell me why you’re quiet,

Tell me please.

Don’t you love me?

Don’t you care?

I still love you,

So don’t you dare!

You’re a jerk!

To lead me on…

To make me think that –

We had something.

Come back, will you please?

Come back and look into my eyes!

Tell me what you see.

Do you see me?




“She loved to read.” cried the books with the broken backs.

“She hardly went to sleep.” the clock on the bedpost snoozed.

“She loved to listen to music.” the CD player with the run-out batteries complained.

“She loved to paint, draw, and make other crafts.” the art set cheered.

“She watched TV.” said the remote control on the bed.

“She was very messy.” said the unmade bed and clothes on the floor.

“She loved to write stories.” the papers in the binders on the shelves retold.

“She cared for her family and friends.” the pictures on the walls and shelves said.

“She was very sad and lonely.” the ever fresh tear stains on the green carpet remembered.

“She always wanted to help others.” the walls echoed.



My Knight

Maybe I’ll find… Away… To say… Goodbye… To you! My Knight… In tainted covers.

It’s time to say… Goodnight! My knight… in painted armor.

You once were… so clean… and kind to me, but now you’ve fallen… into … Dishonor!

Maybe someday… I’ll find… A way to change your mind. To bring… Back the light! My Knight!

But now is not… That time… For that rhyme. I must bid… Goodbye… To my Knight… In shining… Blinding…